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A creative industry with opportunities in the future. As industry moves towards making modern products, there is one side of the industry that can keep up with the times with great promise. Talk about business opportunities and oppurtinity in the midst of global market competition. In the creative industry, this work is a mainstay of the Indonesian nation in always carrying out an economic turnaround, both in terms of the value of people's lives and the existence of handicraft craftsmen in Indonesia.
 Then what is the creative industry? It must have occurred to us that we have to create something of creative value and with a creative production process and modern machines. In the current era, there is a demand for us to be more creative in line with the advancement of multidigital technology and informatics.
  There are several creative industries that can be used as a reference for entrepreneurs and craftsmen in running their business from an opportunity perspective.
 Advertising, Architecture, Arts Markets, Crafts and Furniture, Design Business, Fashion, Cinematography Business, Games Business, Music Business, Performing Arts Business, Printing and Publishing Business, Food and Beverage Business, Computer Services Business and Software, Audio Video World, Research and development business and perhaps there are many other creative business opportunities according to regional potential.
 Maybe I will review a little and take an example of one of the creative efforts, not to exaggerate stories. Slide One Gallery is a creative business in the field of furniture and glass crafts, this business was pioneered by Sapto Daryono, who officially started to enliven the country's glass crafts in 2000. With a spirit of discipline, determination and focus to create the best work with innovative designs, the products continue to run even on European and American soil. Interesting product variations: various types and designs of tables, wall deco variants, decorative mirrors, photo frames, etc. Now that's a brief review of creative ventures in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, more interesting and you can see the product products on the ride one gallery website www.rideonegallery .co.id. To move the creative industry, several factors are needed. Among other things, educational directions, giving awards to creative people, and creating a conducive business climate. The roles and roles of related parties such as the Ministry of Cooperatives and Umkm, activists of the Ministry of Industry and Trade and Umkm will greatly assist creative business actors. In addition to production assistance, there is a need for market development, both in the digital market and participation in national and global exhibition events. The capital factor will trigger opportunities and production will run. Currently, there may be many sources of capital disbursed by the government, it remains only to monitor whether it has been on target or not.  Thus, if we talk about business or business opportunities, the creative industry can be of superior value for our country to be able to compete with other countries.  Growing and developing refuses to lose against surrender.               Greetings together, enthusiasm for tomorrow. 

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