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How to run your business

How to run your business

Some things that maybe we can take into consideration when we want to take a step

to run a business. Of course this is very important so that the business can run directed and do not experience

losses even permanently closed.

1.Get to know your product in detail first.

  Whether services, goods, written works, sounds, or even forms of movement.

  How high is the quality of your product in terms of design, durability, or product quality perfect and useful for


2.Person Building.

  Also recognize employee abilities.Skills and expertise as appropriate to the process in the business.

  this is to support product quality and a more solid business process.

  Conduct training and training if necessary to form person building the strong one.

3. Mastering the local market area.

  Conducting business analysis which of course starts from local areas, can be cities, provinces, island, one

country (domestic).There are several things that need to be done in market analysis:

  a.Segments and target market.

    our products can be shot based on usability, age of people, environment,purchasing power,weather seasons,

moments and  trends.

  b. Market research.

    Survey by numbers or reality market is very important, so value the percentage of product delivery can be

    assessed as close to objective.Do some research in different days, moments or

    locations so the result research is unlikely to be of value chance.

  c. business intelligence.

    Monitoring all existing opportunities, as well as monitoring existing competitors.

    So that our products or efforts will be motivated more and more.competitors are not competitors but fertilize us

    to become more perfect.

  d. Business Strategy.

    This step is final before we take action in running the business, with step the previous step of course we

believe our efforts will be directed and anticipated.All businesses need time to grow so continue to

    analyze and innovate.

4. Expanding and controlling the market area.

    In this case there are 2 things, namely:

a.Adding a branch company, namely establishing

    another company outside the market area (can be outside the city, outside the provinceor overseas) with the

aim of a larger market coverage 

b. Widen the market area with a wider scale.All steps to widen the market area must continue to

take steps points 1 to 3 so that the area or branch that is opened new can grow and develop,

    and do not plant parasites which weighed on the previous area’s profit.

5. Reach consumers quickly and precisely.

    It is impossible for our product or business to be successful if we cannot take consumers directly

    fast and precise. Remember the previous point that we discussed a little about competitors, they

  are surely like us who do not want the product or business not on the market.

6. Extreme strike sale.

  Reach all competitor consumers to switch to our product, then what are the steps and how. Sportife don’t cheat.

  All run in a clean business rail.the way your product must be special, your service must be special, a special  


7. Conduct monitoring, discussing, coaching

  periodically and in certain periods perform an overall analysis of the results so that it will quickly determine a

new plan again if there is a decrease in turnover So this is a little writing, if there is something lacking, I’m sorry,

hopefully there are benefits.